#ThrowbackToday: The magic in the words of writer TS Eliot

In today's #TBT, we talk about the famed writer TS Eliot and what makes his words ring true even today. Also, did you know today is observed as World Rivers Day?
TS Eliot | (Pic: ndla.no)
TS Eliot | (Pic: ndla.no)

Writer TS Eliot was many things. The winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature (1948), pioneer of the Modernist movement in poetry, one of the 20th century's major poets and more. But most importantly, the British-American, born on September 26, 1888, beautifully captured all the feelings and attitudes of the twentieth century. Sample this, for example:

And would it have been worth it, after all,
Would it have been worth while,
After the sunsets and the dooryards and the sprinkled streets,
After the novels, after the teacups, after the skirts that trail along the floor—
And this, and so much more?—

This is from the poet's most noted poem, The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock. His other noted works are The Waste Land, The Hollow Men and many, many more.

Rivers that flow
Every fourth Sunday of September is dedicated to the riveting rivers of this world hence, deemed as World Rivers Day at the behest of renowned river advocate from Canada, Mark Angelo. Pollution, encroachments, people and beyond — there is no dearth of what plagues our water bodies, but we must strive to do better and be better, be people who deserve water bodies that bring us health and life. How would you like to observe today?  

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