The best days of my life: Rajasthan's Former Dy CM Sachin Pilot on college life

Given a choice he would choose to be at a college campus rather than be an MLA or an MP, said Pilot vehicle speaking at the inauguration of XLRI's fest
Sachin Pilot at the XLRI event (Pic: Screengrab)
Sachin Pilot at the XLRI event (Pic: Screengrab)

College is one of the few years of life that always remains with you. And former Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan Sachin Pilot agrees. Speaking at the inaugural virtual session of the XLRI Jamshedpur's fest Ensemble Valhalla 2021, the youth leader said that his college days were the best years of his life. The theme of the fest this year, which is completely virtual this year, is Escapade – A New Journey Awaits.

Given a choice he would choose to be at a college campus rather than be an MLA or an MP, said Pilot. "Without a doubt, I cherish my college days the most. Make no mistake, I enjoy my job and I think I am decent at it — there are good days and bad days in work life. But these are the days that will remain with you," the alumnus of the Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania," told the students attending the virtual session. "We took on this last year as humanity — keeping religions, race and everything else aside. The last year has also helped a lot of innovation. We have come up with innovations in teaching, working from home and our daily life," said the Rajasthan MLA who has been out of action since he resigned as the Deputy CM of the state. Congress Spokesperson and a Professor at XLRI, Dr Gourav Vallabh, was also present at the virtual event.

The XLRI-Xavier School of Management Jamshedpur, established in 1949, is the oldest management school in the country. XLRI has organised two flagship festivals Ensemble and Valhalla over the years which has seen active participation from B-schools all across the country with the merger of the same in the 2017 edition creating Ensemble-Valhalla. While Ensemble is all about business sense and logic, Valhalla is a cultural extravaganza. 

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