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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to unavoidable difficulties, the date for the Coimbatore exam is being rescheduled from January 27, 28 to February 10, 11. Kindly get in touch with us for clarifications or issues

Why you should write Express NEET!

Here's why you should write NEET

The Supreme Court in early 2017 made the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test compulsary for all students applying for medical seats. So, if you have dreamt of being a doctor or serving in the medical profession, NEET is your only way to meet that goal.

Since NEET was pushed to the 'compulsary' category, students' admissions will now completely depend on their test scores. The new rule and the test in itself is infamous for the tension and chaos that comes with it.Coaching centres are brimming as the pressure mounts for the upcoming NEET exams scheduled for May 2018.

Students will also be evaluated on strengths, weaknesses and areas that require improvement.An added stress buster- counselling and motivation. The best news, toppers will get free preparation books and coaching.

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