India in 75 Seconds

An Independence Day mobile video contest for students

Your Video. Our country. One video

After 75 years of Independence, the India story is still one that every young person in the country is constantly discovering. And it's one that comes out differently depending on who tells it, where they're from and what language they speak. But that's the beauty of India. Today, India has gone mobile in so many ways. And we want to use that rising ease of use that the youth have with the mobile phone to rediscover their version of India's story - across 75 glorious years. And that's where India in 75 Seconds comes in. A short-video competition open to students from across the country where we want them to use mobile phones, creative storytelling apps and their innate creativity to tell us their version of the India story in 75 seconds flat. Hosted by The New Indian Express group on our new youth engagement platform Edexworks (, these are the rules for the contest:


Open to school students all across India


India at 75: What best represents India to you today?


The video should be 75 seconds or less


They will be announced on Independence Day 2021


MP4 is preferred. Size should be under 100 MB

Upload process

The video can be uploaded at

Video specs

Content should be packaged and produced in a mobile phone using

  • Inbuilt video editing software
  • Apps like Canva, Adobe Spark etc
  • Any other apps that add production value
  • Images, video clips and graphics can be used
Rules and Regs

These are the guidelines for the contest

  • You can use original footage/voiceovers to add value
  • Images must be non-copyright, Creative Commons images
  • If using footage from other sources, please attribute the source clearly