Junior Debate

Homework should be banned in every school in India | JD1

Homework is often considered the bane of every school student, but from an academic point of view, it has also been seen as the most effective tool to ensure learning around the clock. What does young Indian have to say?

Indian history should be a compulsory core subject from first grade | JD2

History is often seen as the most important thing that one can learn. But it is also the subject that very few people opt to take. What if it were made mandatory from Grade I? That's the question we've asked our debaters.

Gaming that involves warfare should be banned in India | JD3

PUBG and other games with graphic violence have been banned, unbanned, banned again and played by millions across India. But is the impact of violence absolute? And is it enough to scar a generation? Or is it good fun that can sharpen your senses?

We still need to wear school uniforms in India | JD4

Are school uniforms a great leveller from a socialist point of view? Or are they a repressive tool that stifle individuality? Catch the action as we let India's schoolkids battle with their wits

You learn more on the internet than from a visit to your grandmother's place | JD5

It is believed that your earliest knowledge core comes from your parents and your grandparents. It is also undisputable that Google is every person's go-to in this day and age. But is there one that is better?

Instagram's minimum age should be lowered to 10 | JD6

It's the IT place on social media but tweens just cannot get there till they're 13. But should that be changed to 10? That's the million-dollar question on the table today!

We should replace handwriting with typing in schools | JD7

Handwriting can be problematic to decipher, but it is also a sign of extreme individuality. But can the easier art of typing completely erase our ink-smudges handwriting ever? Let's Debate

Cricket should replace hockey as our national game | JD8

We've always been told that Hockey is our national sport, though cricket has held our hearts, minds and pursestrings. Should a change be made officially? That's the motion. Let's talk it out

When schools resume after the pandemic, exams should be limited to an hour and only have objective-type questions

Should exams go back to the way they were - with detailed answers and plenty of prose - or should they embrace the entrance exam, tech-meets-fast food gen route? That's the motion for the final