Kota Factory Season 3 is here! Yes, yes! The same series which is so popular with Indian youngsters!

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TVF’s iconic series set in Kota, Rajasthan — a hub for IIT-JEE preparation, has gained more and more interest over the years, which has helped in bringing it back for Season 3 | TVF YouTube
The season is premiering today, June 20, on Netflix. So, grab your popcorn, and maybe a few tissues to boot, and strap yourself in for an emotional ride... | IMDb
So, you know how every season has a friendship anthem, right? Well, this season does too, and this is how it goes... | Netflix
"I won't be deterred by disappointments and negativity; whatever happens, I'll fight my way through" | IMBd
Also, is the popular protagonist Jeetu Bhaiya still going to be the calm guiding light for these frazzled aspirants who are often found groping in the dark? We'll find out soon enough... | Netflix
Watch and tell us what you think about this season of Kota Factory in the comments below! #KotaFactory3 #Netflix #TVF | Stock image