“Reports of Noam Chomsky’s death false,” clarifies the famed intellectual's wife

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Valeria Wasserman Chomsky, wife of acclaimed linguist, academic & activist Noam Chomsky confirmed that the latter is still alive and reports of his death are untrue. | Image: Wikimedia Commons
This confirmation came after Chomsky was trending on X late on Tuesday, June 18, with users claiming that he passed away.
Chomsky, 95, had been hospitalised in the Beneficencia Portuguesa hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil on June 12, while recovering from a stroke he had a year ago. | Image: BP - A Beneficência Portuguesa de São Paulo
On Tuesday, the hospital informed that Chomsky was discharged and would continue treatment from his home. | Image: College of Social and Behavioural Sciences, The University of Arizona
Noam Chomsky is widely regarded as one of the most prominent public intellectuals today, with many calling him the “father of modern linguistics”. He is also one of the founders of the discipline of cognitive science. | Image: Tim Gray Photo
He is most known for his seminal work Manufacturing Consent, produced in collaboration with Edward S Herman, and has written more than 150 books on linguistics, war, and politics. | Image: Wikipedia
Chomsky is also well-known for his critique of American foreign policy and imperialism, his anti-war activism, and his advocacy for Libertarian Socialism. | Image: Wikipedia
He serves as a laureate professor of linguistics at the University of Arizona and is an institute professor emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).