Presenting before you The G7 Selfie Of The Year

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The G7 host this time was Italy’s PM Georgia Meloni
G7 was held from June 13 to 15 at Apulia, Italy
The agenda included the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Middle East issues, climate and energy, migration, food security, and ethical AI use.
Did you know? The friendship between Italy and India dates back to ancient times
In the third century BC, Emperor Ashoka sent peace emissaries to various parts of the world, including Italy
In 13th century, Italian traveller Marco Polo came to India and was charmed… | (Source: Britannica)
Battle of Monte Cassino during WWII was significant for Indian-Italy relations | (Source: Magnum Photos)
The Indian troops, part of the Commonwealth back then, had liberated Italy | (Source: Imperial War Museums)