Indian-origin astronaut Sunita Williams stuck in space?! Don't worry, she is confident about coming back soon

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US astronauts Butch Wilmore and Sunita Williams travelled to space on June 5 by boarding NASA's brand new spaceship, Boeing's Starliner. This was their test flight. They were speaking about this during a live press conference which they were addressing from outer space on July 10, telecasted by CBS.
Initially, their space travel was roughly meant to be ten days long, so why are they not home yet?
Helium provides pressure to the propulsion system. Thrusters help with manoeuvring and it initially failed to kick in during the Starliner's approach to the station, delaying the docking
Thruster malfunction happened because of overheating due to excessive firing, he said
Theories are that the reasons could vary from the debris entering the propulsion system to Boeing possibly installing seals that were undersized for the task. Now, these systems need to be tested on-ground, meaning, engineering teams will need to run more simulations
Amidst all these challenges, both astronauts are hoping that the Starliner team will bring them back home very soon
The duo also shared that they plan to stay in space for a few weeks as coming back now would mean missing out on crucial data they intend to collect
"We're going to get the data that we need to help inform our decisions, so we make the right decisions. And that's why we feel confident," she further explained