#WhatTheFAQ: Pictures of Lord Ganesh, Goddess Lakshmi on currency notes?

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BJP, Congress criticise AAP

Call it 'vote-bank' politics and 'face-saving' move

AAP is contesting Gujarat polls

Who designs Indian Rupee notes?

RBI has sole right to issue bank notes

Centre then approves RBI decision

Evolution of Indian currency notes

Portrait of King George VI was replaced by Ashoka Pillar in 1949

First Republic of India notes issued in 1950

Portrait of Gandhi on notes

The first official series with portrait of Mahatma Gandhi was issued only in 1996

Brief special appearance in 1969 on his centenary birthday

Other motifs on Indian currency

From the Mangalyaan to the Sanchi Stupa to Mt K2, various motifs have been included

Bid to depict culture and contemporary accomplishments of India