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Here are the five signs of exam stress that you must not ignore

Now that the exam season is around the corner, watch out for these signs of exams stress. Also, here's how you can cope up

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11 hours ago

Feroze Varun Gandhi: Open data platform and transparent monitoring key to stopping corruption in India

Shooting straight from the hip, he said that at a point in time, he even wanted to diverge from the party's ideology to support certain issues

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12 hours ago
Feroze Varun Gandhi speaks at the ThinkEdu Conclave 2019 as TNIE Editorial Director Prabhu Chawla looks on  (Pic:Express/P Jawahar)
The reporter allegedly threatened to charge complaints of sexual harassment and called Bhartiya Janta Yuva Morcha functionaries.  (Pic: Maskoor Ahmad Usmani)

Things will change for the better once Modi loses in 2019: AMU Student Union Prez booked for sedition

The student body president along with 13 other students of the Aligarh Muslim University including his predecessor was booked on sedition charges on February 12

Published On:
16 Feb 2019

Character building key to a corruption-free society: TN Governor

The Governor stressed on the need to make the education system progressive so that it can meet the needs of the industry

Published On:
14 Feb 2019
The Governor inaugurated the conclave and shared the stage with the Former President Pranab Mukherjee (Pic: Express/P Jawahar)
Amish Tripathi was in conversation with author and economist Bibek Debroy and senior journalist Kaveere Bamzai about whether Lessons from our Epics needed to be in our curriculum (Express/P Jawahar)

We must end the colonial hangover in educational system: Amish Tripathi

Refusing to dismiss this as a harmless one-off case, Amish Tripathi pointed out real-world effects of the colonial hangover such as Indian architects’ newfound affinity for glass buildings

Published On:
14 Feb 2019

Why I really want to visit Calicut University's Vaikom Muhammed Basheer Museum 

Calicut University recently inaugurated a museum as a tribute to legendary author Vaikom Muhammed Basheer. We track down the men who made it happen and they tell us why we need to visit it

Published On:
08 Feb 2019
The museum is a single-storey building (pics: Manu Mavelil)
A Sahapedia team outing in Kolkata

Why Sahapedia could be your portal to preserving India perfectly

Here's the story behind Sahapedia's mission to trace the roots of India's history and how they are making a repository of India's most treasured cultural remains digital and available to all ​

Published On:
07 Feb 2019

Why Picxy may just have the best Indian stock photos ever

Jitendra Chowdary, CEO of stock photo company Picxy, tells us what works for Picxy and what their plans are for the future

Published On:
06 Feb 2019
Best view: A picture of Cyber Towers in Hyderabad from Picxy's archives | (Pic: Picxy)
Detailed work: On of Susmitha's carving on pencil lead | (Pic: Susmitha Manne)

This Hyderabadi girl just carved Vijay Devarkonda's name on pencil lead and it went VIRAL!

Susmitha Manne carves intricately on pencil lead and is sweeping quite a few honours

Published On:
06 Feb 2019

These three stand-up comics are driving to 27 cities and donating proceeds from their stand-up 'take' to NGOs

Rajasekhar Mamidanna, Sandesh Johnny and Bhavneet Singh will be on one crazy road trip and they'll be stopping at 27 cities along the way to perform

Published On:
06 Feb 2019
On their mark: The trio who will set out to tour | (Pic: Rajasekhar Mamidanna)