The tempo traveller was donated to this school by Vijaynath Hegde who is an alumni of Government Higher Primary School in Barali (Pic: Rajaram)

This government school teacher in Udupi is driving children to school 

We talk to Rajaram, a teacher who has been instrumental in attracting more children to government schools. How he has been able to achieve this is an incredible story  

Published On:
04 Feb 2019

Meet the people who are stopping Karnataka's schools from shutting down

Who's going to ensure that government schools in Karnataka don't shutdown because none of the kids want to study there? These rockstars for sure. Check out why they do what they do

Published On:
30 Jan 2019
Tulsi Bai has been working for three years to enrol children in government schools (Pic: Pushkar V)
Chilla was established in the year 2000

Chilla has created a safe haven for the children of sex workers and helps them fight social stigma. Here's how

The founder of Chilla talks about creating a safe space for the children of sex workers and protecting them from societal stigma

Published On:
29 Jan 2019

This 76-year-old boatman has been ferrying children across the Tungabhadra to school free of cost

A boatman of the people, UK Mallanna loves to ferry students across the river and never expects anything in return

Published On:
24 Jan 2019
UK Mallanna help school and college student cross Tungabhadra river in Shimoga city (Pic: Shimoga Nandan)
Their 2 million steps to giving hope

2 Million Steps to Hope: How these marathon runners are helping fight human trafficking

John Moriarty talks about his mega-marathon against human trafficking which flagged off in Chennai on January 18, 2019 

Published On:
23 Jan 2019

How this 12-year old boy developed a ship to clean plastic from oceans and save animals from dying 

To fight against plastic waste, this 12-year-old from Pune has designed a ship that sucks pollutants from our seas and oceans.We find out how it works  

Published On:
14 Jan 2019
Haaziq Kazi was a speaker at the 10th edition of TedxGateway in Mumbai (Pic: TedXGateway)
The organisation’s motto is to foster ‘Minds of innovation and well being through the arts’

The Art Outreach Society in Kerala is using art as a tool to improve the emotional health of children

The founder of the The Art Outreach Society speaks about shaping education with a steady focus on creativity

Published On:
11 Jan 2019

This Facebook page aims to help people with their mental health issues through their content

No One Cares, a Facebook page that revolves around the idea of spreading positivity has 15 million followers in just a year

Published On:
04 Jan 2019
The duo formed the social media page, 'No One Cares'
Alpha and Omega Theatre group believes in using artistic skills to raise funds for a cause

How you can save a life by recording a song on your smartphone

Thomas John talks about Sing for Humanity, which is an initiative that lets donors sing a song that may just go online and help save lives in the process

Published On:
03 Jan 2019

Why after Tottenham and Fulham, Tanvie Hans wants to play football for Team India

From Tottenham and Fulham to The Amateur League in Bengaluru, Tanvie Hans talks about how football kicked-off in her life

Published On:
02 Jan 2019
Twenty-five-year old Tanvie Hans is proof that football is no more just a man's game
The school began with 12 students a year ago, and now has 1,100 enrolled in its roster (Pic: Google Images)

How an all-women driving school is giving wings of freedom to women 

The venture has helped thousands of Indian women to become more independent by offering them greater mobility and versatility

Published On:
30 Dec 2018

This pre-school chain founded by IIT-Delhi alumni has developed their own smartphone app for children's safety

Founded by Purvesh Sharma, Raj Singhal, and Ashish Aggarwal in 2012, Footprints Childcare, uses the latest developments in technology to ensure the children's safety and security

Published On:
28 Dec 2018
With centres in 12 cities across India, Footprints Childcare has developed its own smartphone app, ParentConnect (Pic: Footprints)
Tilak Mehta plans to expand his logistics company to other parts of India soon (Pic: Intellect/PR)

This 13-year-old's logistics start-up employs over 300 dabbawallahs in Mumbai

His start-up offers a simple, convenient and rudimentary logistics option, that enables customers to send and receive parcels on time

Published On:
27 Dec 2018

Over 2,000 differently-abled youth turned up for this super-inclusive dance festival in Bengaluru

Tandav, an inclusive dance festival organised by the NGO Smileys India, is held in Bengaluru every year in December

Published On:
25 Dec 2018
This was the fifth edition of Tandav (pics: Pushkar V)
Ayushi with her parents (pic: Ayushi Mahapatra)

Meet these three women who've bagged the top ranks in the Odisha Civil Service Examination

Ayushi Mahapatra, Sanjita Mohapatra and Poonam Mahapatra have bagged the first, second and third ranks respectively

Published On:
21 Dec 2018

Odisha tribal girl from the Red Corridor clears Civil Sevice exam

Sandhya Samarth commenced preparations for the examination while pursuing her MPhil from Ravenshaw University in Cuttack

Published On:
21 Dec 2018
Image for representational purpose (pic: newindianexpress.com)
Nagaratna Sunil Ramagouda talking to the factory employees to create awareness about HIV

This HIV positive lady from Belgaum is helping many girls like her. Read her story about how she fought back the disease and discriminations in the society

This HIV positive woman from Belgaum is no less than a hero to others like her. So far, she's taken 11 HIV positive girls under her wing and aims to create facilities for thousands more

Published On:
15 Dec 2018

How Gaysi Family changed queer representation in India by creating a safe space for LGBTQIA stories

The founder of the Gaysi Family talks about the importance of queer representation and how it has evolved over the years

Published On:
15 Dec 2018
Gaysi organises events where LGBTQIA individuals can share their stories
The Oppam organisation was formed by the people of the village to recover from the floods

The people of Palathuruth are bringing their dreams back to the shore in the aftermath of the Kerala Floods

This community in Palathuruth is rebuilding the entire village from the ground up following the Kerala floods 

Published On:
04 Dec 2018

From challenging Indian education system to studying at Stanford University, this visually impaired person's story inspires many

We talk to Kartik Sawhney about his journey to Stanford University and how he challenged the Indian education system to change their tradition of exempting blind students from studying Science 

Published On:
04 Dec 2018
Kartik Sawhney who is currently working with Microsoft Corporations in the US has helped lakhs of students with disabilities achieve their dreams (Pic: Christopher Charles)
Moyazzam is a part of SAATHI, an NGO which works with positive individuals, for a coalition based advocacy programme across the state (Pic: Whatsapp)

HIV can't decide my life's path: Going from helplessness to a life of meaning

One day as he was roaming the streets of Mumbai in search of a better consult, a poster caught his eye — total herbal cure for HIV and AIDS. Nine months passed and nothing happened

Published On:
01 Dec 2018

World AIDS Day 2018: How this 18-year-old from Kolkata overcame HIV and is now helping change the mindset

Sneha, who completed her schooling and is currently studying retail management at Swami Vivekananda College in Kolkata, loves to play the guitar

Published On:
01 Dec 2018
A child living with HIV has an equal right to live, study and work like others of the same age (Pic: Representational)
The networks and NGOs that were previously there are not so much active any more (Pic: Whatsapp)

I have HIV and I am not ashamed: How a woman from Jalpaiguri went from a victim to a beacon of hope

Being shy about your disease is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Not only will it give you the inferiority complex that you do not deserve, but it can also cause physical harm at times

Published On:
01 Dec 2018

World AIDS Day: Which of these 20 myths about HIV do you still think are true?

HIV is one of the those diseases that has a long list of misconceptions that surround it ever since it was discovered. This AIDS Day, here is a list of myths that people believe about HIV-AIDS that we

Published On:
01 Dec 2018
Some of these myths are old and some are new but nevertheless they all deserve to be busted

Meet the cyclists who have helped over 10k kids stay away from trafficking 

 The cyclists of Go Cycle have cycled across 30 Indian cities since 2016 and helped thousands of kids understand the perils of child trafficking

Published On:
28 Nov 2018

Check out how Kochi's first school for kids with special needs started 33 years ago

Raksha Society, the first special education school in Kochi is reinventing education through the years. We take a look at their journey thus far and what the future holds for them

Published On:
23 Nov 2018
Raksha uses multidisciplinary learning techniques to help children with special needs
Sharan Pradeep Naik is studying Master's in Crimnology and Forensic  Science at the Karnataka University

This Hubballi student has helped over 2k kids escape suicide and depression. Read his inspiring story

This student from Hubballi is helping teens fight depression by counselling them. He has helped more than 2000 teens for free and wants to continue his service

Published On:
23 Nov 2018

NIT Calicut student wins Google scholarship, impresses with AR tech for autistic children

Ashik Hameed, a Biotechnology student from NIT Calicut has become the first ever student outside of the Computer Science stream to qualify for the Google's Venkat Panchapakesan Memorial Scholarship

Published On:
20 Nov 2018
As part of the scholarship, Ashik will receive a sum of of $750 as  stipend and an extra $220 for funding their environmental projects (Pic; facebook.com/Ashik.Lacosty)
Amazon also has evening tuition centres for school students in these villages

How coding and robotics are bringing kids to the Govt School in this Tamil Nadu village

Here's how a coding class, part of an Amazon initiative, in the Govt School in Puduvoyal is bringing kids to school in droves​

Published On:
14 Nov 2018

How this Bengaluru NGO has helped 1200 young girls beat depression, suicidal thoughts is inspiring

Niriksha has been helping underprivileged young girls get the psychological and counselling support that they currently lack — and they operate in Bengaluru and Hyderabad

Published On:
13 Nov 2018
Niriksha has helped no less than 1200 girls in twelve years of service
Venilla, who is the head chef, has been a baking enthusiast from the age of 12.

This cafe in Bengaluru is run by three people who grew up in a children's home. This is their inspiring story

Venilla Hutchins tells how three kids from a children'a home stuck it out to open their dream cafe in Bengaluru — by raising funds through college bake sales

Published On:
13 Nov 2018

How this Bengaluru group is helping kids from at-risk homes get a life

 Srithi Abhinitha talks about Kirubai Project's, Family Support Programme and how it can make a difference in the lives of children from broken homes

Published On:
09 Nov 2018
Ajay believes if you make learning fun kids will never say no to school

Ajay Kale from Maharashtra is changing the face of e-learning in schools with QR codes

After months of watching YouTube tutorials, Ajay had taught himself how to generate QR codes and link videos from YouTube to it

Published On:
05 Nov 2018

Meet the man who has been telling stories with his puppets to empower kids and adults alike

In his four-decade-long career, for Ramlal Bhatt, puppeteering is more than a source of entertainment rather it is a tool for him to spread social awareness and enlightening people around him

Published On:
31 Oct 2018
Ramlal is the fourth generation puppeteer in his family
Jitendra's invention recently won first place at the National Social Enterprise Idea Challenge held at Azim Premji University at Bengaluru

This MIT scholar's cost-effective water recycling machine runs without electricity

India is facing a huge water crisis and research scholar Jitendra Singh, the NIT research scholar is hoping to save the country from an acute shortage of water.

Published On:
30 Oct 2018

He slips into his majestic costume each year to help sick children in Udupi

Ravi Katpadi, a labourer from Udupi, dresses up in superhero costumes once a year to raise funds for kids who need help with their treatment

Published On:
29 Oct 2018
 For Ravi, every Krishna Janmashtami is an occasion for him to do his bit for society (Photo courtesy: Krithik Bhat)
The wheelchair basketball team

Why Lee Roy Simon is every wheelchair basketball player's best shot

What does it take to coach a person whose lower body doesn't answer to them?  Lee Roy Simon wheelchair basketball coach talks  about his incredible journey of discovery

Published On:
27 Oct 2018

These women from Trivandrum have made it their mission to fight for equality

 The voices behind Samam speak about fighting for equality following the recent political climate

Published On:
25 Oct 2018
The group was founded by women from various fields and industries in Trivandrum

Why heading to TERI's Climate Jamboree could make the world greener 

Over 10k students from across India can contribute towards climatic change and sustainable development when they head to TERI's Climate Jamboree

Published On:
25 Oct 2018

This Delhi NGO is teaching consent to urban slum children using the Chai Theory. Here's how

Started in 2015, Super School India is the brainchild of Radhika Mittal and it believes that each and every child can excel if provided with proper guidance and skills 

Published On:
23 Oct 2018
Started in 2015, SSI is the brainchild of Radhika Mittal and it believes that each and every child can excel if provided with proper guidance and skills