The revered professor also has half a dozen research papers and 12 scholarly books to his credit

At 81, this Professor of Science recounts his numerous experiences in the world of teaching

We speak to Professor Dr SO Pillai about his years of experience in the teaching field and his greatest takeaways from them

Published On:
31 Jul 2019

These artists are working to bring back human connection through postcards

The initiative was created with the hope to bring back a sense of connection between people

Published On:
24 Jul 2019
Vanessa Meister Varma has designed a range of postcards for the initiative
Pramila Mathew

A fighter's spirit: Pramila Mathew tells us how she overcame all kinds of obstacles, including Multiple Sclerosis and created her own firm from scratch

In 2001, Pramila Mathew was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis of the progressive kind, but she was determined to fight it despite what the reports said

Published On:
24 Jul 2019

Why President Kalam was an extraordinary teacher and every student's role model

Every time, he would visit a school or a college, thousands of people would gather in the auditorium just to listen to his motivational words

Published On:
20 Jul 2019
Former President A P J Abdul Kalam during one of his visits at the IISc (Pic: Indian Insitute of Science)
The interiors are made for students to express themselves openly (Pic: Morning Glory)

This eco-friendly school in Coorg will educate underprivileged children for free. Here's how

Morning Glory is a specially designed school, created with the desire to maintain and preserve the natural habitat of the surrounding

Published On:
12 Jul 2019

This Bengaluru couple is helping us go plastic-free one pencil at a time. Here's how

Akshata Bhadranna took to being eco-friendly when she and her husband shifted back to India from Indonesia. She shares her journey of starting a paper pencil manufacturing unit

Published On:
03 Jul 2019
Yashoda inside her library (pics: Arun Angela)

This 12-year-old in Kochi runs a free library where people return books on time. Here's why  

12-year-old Yashoda D Shenoy runs a free library in Kochi. We talk to her about why she decided to start this project and where she got her books from

Published On:
02 Jul 2019

Green Ride: This group is on a mission to travel across the country on a solar-powered auto rickshaw 

The initiative SunPedal Ride headed by Sushil Reddy hopes to raise awareness on clean energy 

Published On:
26 Jun 2019
The SunPedal Ride team during one of their pitstops
The sound of Muzik: MuzikGarage is ranked among the top ten music schools by Google, in Bengaluru

Ebenezer Premkumar  tells us how he went on to build one of the top music schools in Bengaluru

Ebenezer Premkumar talk about how as a seven-year-old he learnt basic chords from his mother and how far he has gotten from there

Published On:
20 Jun 2019

This Yoga master from Bengaluru trains kids and adults with special needs

Young yoga master Yuva Naresh Kumar tell us about why he had to quit a well-paid job in the corporate sector and how he is teaching yoga to the kids and adults with special needs 

Published On:
20 Jun 2019
Yuva Naresh Kumar is specialised in various forms of Yoga
Four college students from Udaipur recycle industrial waste to make ‘Wricks’!

This Udaipur based start-up turns recycled waste into building blocks called Wricks

This Udaipur based start-up has come with a prototype that will tackle the current environmental hazards caused by brick manufacturers

Published On:
18 Jun 2019

How Eco Femme began making cloth pads cool again from a village near Pondicherry

Azmia Riaz speaks to the founders of Eco Femme about why their product will be a mainstay in the sustainable future and why it will change the way women deal with menstruation

Published On:
29 May 2019
Eco Femme was supported by NGOs around the world that worked for the same cause
Young People for Politics is an online initiative that mobilises young people during the electoral season

Young People for Politics seeks to mobilise the youth to change the way the country works

Here's how Young People for Politics aims to restructure the shape of Indian politics by starting from the basics

Published On:
29 May 2019

Here's how these Bengaluru social workers are teaching sign language to the hearing, one word a day

#SignLanguageMovement is a social media campaign where one sign language word will be posted across social media platforms a day

Published On:
08 May 2019
Vidushi and her teammates during a workshop
The programme was introduced during the National Games of 2016

The Green Protocol Programme lists a set of wonder rules that have helped keep Kerala clean

Here's how the Suchitwa Mission's programme has managed to clean up Kerala with the help of the state's students

Published On:
08 May 2019

Now, any teacher can learn how to work with dyslexic kids through online course on IIT Madras portal 

The president of Madras Dyslexia Association  talks about their recent launch of an online portal that helps raise awareness on dyslexia

Published On:
26 Apr 2019
This image is for representational purpose This online portal was launched to help teachers understand the need to help dyslexic children

From streets of Chennai to Lord's, how these kids are planning to win the Cup for India

The youngsters are not just pumped about travelling to London but are sure they will bring the cup home

Published On:
26 Apr 2019

This Bengaluru girl topped her class in PUC and wants to study medicine to help her ailing father

Aishwarya Nandakumar a second-year PU student talks about how she managed her time between chores at home and studies to top her class in the board exams

Published On:
22 Apr 2019
Christel House, an education center that strives to help children from underprivileged, urban-impoverished backgrounds break the cycle of poverty
ATMA Foundation is a charitable trust and NGO that implements service projects for social transformation

ATMA Foundation is taking charity to a more personal level

The founder of Atma Foundation about his initiative and why it takes social work to the next level

Published On:
17 Apr 2019

This Bengaluru poet will walk 750 km from Batapady to Kanyakumari to inspire women to be independent

Janet Orlene talks about why she's going to walk and camp on the beach for two months straight — and why she feels it will be an inspiration for every young woman

Published On:
11 Apr 2019
This Bengaluru poet  is going to walk 750 km from Batapadi to Kanyakumari for women empowerment
SAFE SPACE: The initiative is aimed at changing the way we think about biodiversity

The elephant in the room: Why we need to change the way we think about animal conservation

The founders of The Real Elephant Collective talk about how we can be smarter about animal conservation

Published On:
09 Apr 2019

How East Kolkata Wetlands' school kids are 'dialoguing' about their ecosystem

We spoke to the founder of Disappearing Dialogues, an initiative that's creating awareness about conserving water among high school students to find out more

Published On:
01 Apr 2019
Nobina Gupta's Disappearing Dialogues initiative is on a mission to educate the next generation (Pic: Disappearing Dialogues)
Rohit Kumar was listed among the world's top 20 security researchers last year (Pic: Facebook)

At 19, this CRPF guard's son from Bihar will represent India at FB-Google conference in Singapore

The BountyCon was jointly launched by Facebook and Google and will feature top security researchers in the Asia-Pacific region, who can help detect and identify vulnerabilities in cyber networks  

Published On:
29 Mar 2019

Born with a 90 per cent disability, Mohammad Asim is fighting for his right to a fair education 

13-year-old Mohammad Asim shares his amazing story about finding strength through his disability and fighting for what is rightfully his

Published On:
14 Mar 2019
Asim has set an example for children all over the state by overcoming unimaginable odds to gain acceptance as a student
Vysakh became a viral sensation when a video of him playing football was discovered on Twitter

Vysakh SR is the unlikely football hero that you need to know about

Vysakh SR speaks about playing football after losing his leg in a tragic accident and finding a place in the ISL

Published On:
14 Mar 2019

This forum established by PhD scholars from around Kerala aims to create a new intellectual space in the state

Prajna Foundation aims to create an intellectual space that is ideas for Kerala's thinkers

Published On:
14 Mar 2019
The Prajna team aims to cultivate a culture of intellectual conversation
With its mobile van going from one place to another, Apni Roti is serving fresh and piping hot rotis with dollops of ghee, homemade pickle and sometimes even sweets (Pic: Apni Roti)

Check out the Apni Roti van, which provides 4k fresh rotis to the poor every single day — on wheels

Installed inside the mobile van is an automated roti-making machine that has the capacity of producing close to 1,000 rotis in just an hour

Published On:
11 Mar 2019

IIT-Delhi researchers develop 'DotBook', India's first Braille laptop for the visually-impaired

Instead of a screen, the laptop displays embossed text in Braille through the help of a touchpad. Users will get to feel everything a website has by just touching the pad

Published On:
04 Mar 2019
The researchers launched the product in two variants called 40Q and 20P (Pic: Pulkit IIT-Delhi)
Mohammad Rafi training youngsters who wants to join Indian Armed Forces

This retired army officer from Bellary continues to serve his nation by providing free training for IAF aspirants

After serving for 16 years in the army, Bellary's Mohammad Rafi is now working with a group of youngsters to help them pass their physical and theoretical exams and join the Indian Armed Forces

Published On:
01 Mar 2019

This government school teacher in Koravi invested money from his pocket to provide electricity and water to his students

We track the journey of Mohan Kumar, a teacher who brought electricity and water to the Government Higher Primary School in Koravi and paid for it out of his own pocket 

Published On:
28 Feb 2019
Children are able to use computer after the electricity was brought to the school (Pic: Mohan Kumar)
Image for representational purpose only

Now, you can check your hearing with WHO's new and free hearing screening app

According to the World Health Organisation, up to 1.1 billion young people (between the ages of 12–35 years) are at risk of experiencing hearing loss due to exposure to noise

Published On:
28 Feb 2019

Tata Power's Club Enerji is focusing on sensitising children about the energy crisis and scarcity of resources in India

Starting with 12 schools in Mumbai in 2007, Club Enerji has now reached more than 533 schools nationwide, sensitising over 19.34 million participants

Published On:
27 Feb 2019
Tata Power’s Club Enerji has positively contributed to nation building by inspiring children to take the first step towards becoming responsible (Pic: Club Enerji)
Seema Waghmode works for the rights and welfare of Commercial Sex Workers and their children

Nobody’s children: Why Seema Waghmode is educating kids born to sex workers in Maharashtra

Seema Waghmode is a woman from Pune who has been working with Commercial Sex Workers and their children since 1993

Published On:
21 Feb 2019

This government school teacher in Udupi is driving children to school 

We talk to Rajaram, a teacher who has been instrumental in attracting more children to government schools. How he has been able to achieve this is an incredible story  

Published On:
04 Feb 2019
The tempo traveller was donated to this school by Vijaynath Hegde who is an alumni of Government Higher Primary School in Barali (Pic: Rajaram)
Tulsi Bai has been working for three years to enrol children in government schools (Pic: Pushkar V)

Meet the people who are stopping Karnataka's schools from shutting down

Who's going to ensure that government schools in Karnataka don't shutdown because none of the kids want to study there? These rockstars for sure. Check out why they do what they do

Published On:
30 Jan 2019

Chilla has created a safe haven for the children of sex workers and helps them fight social stigma. Here's how

The founder of Chilla talks about creating a safe space for the children of sex workers and protecting them from societal stigma

Published On:
29 Jan 2019
Chilla was established in the year 2000
UK Mallanna help school and college student cross Tungabhadra river in Shimoga city (Pic: Shimoga Nandan)

This 76-year-old boatman has been ferrying children across the Tungabhadra to school free of cost

A boatman of the people, UK Mallanna loves to ferry students across the river and never expects anything in return

Published On:
24 Jan 2019

2 Million Steps to Hope: How these marathon runners are helping fight human trafficking

John Moriarty talks about his mega-marathon against human trafficking which flagged off in Chennai on January 18, 2019 

Published On:
23 Jan 2019
Their 2 million steps to giving hope
Haaziq Kazi was a speaker at the 10th edition of TedxGateway in Mumbai (Pic: TedXGateway)

How this 12-year old boy developed a ship to clean plastic from oceans and save animals from dying 

To fight against plastic waste, this 12-year-old from Pune has designed a ship that sucks pollutants from our seas and oceans.We find out how it works  

Published On:
14 Jan 2019

The Art Outreach Society in Kerala is using art as a tool to improve the emotional health of children

The founder of the The Art Outreach Society speaks about shaping education with a steady focus on creativity

Published On:
11 Jan 2019
The organisation’s motto is to foster ‘Minds of innovation and well being through the arts’