Sunita Bhuyan at the ThinkEdu Conclave 2020| Pic: Ashwin Prasath

Music has a positive impact on the mental well-being of people who need it the most: Violinist Sunita Bhuyan

Sunita Bhuyan tells us how feeling good after listening to music is actually scientific, how it helps destress us, and a lot more

Published On:
14 Jan 2020

This lady from Mysuru can tell you how to use bottle gourds grown at your home 

Seema Prasad carves handicrafts from 48 varieties of native bottle gourd available in Mysuru, thus giving underprivileged women and school dropouts a steady source of incom

Published On:
11 Dec 2019
Seema Prasad has made containers from bottle gourds which can be used in kitchen (Pic: Seema Prasad)
Chandni Nair

Meet this 23-year-old from Bengaluru who is a 'Tiktok' rockstar on a wheelchair

Chandni Nair was diagnosed with Myopathy from birth and had been using a wheelchair, but that has never stopped her from pursuing her dream in education and passion, hand in hand and wins hearts

Published On:
09 Dec 2019

Meet Siddharth Pilli, the 12-year-old from Hyderabad who works as a data scientist and loves coding

Siddharth began coding from the age of seven. Here’s why his extraordinary story will make anyone believe that there is no best time to start achieving their dreams

Published On:
05 Dec 2019
Siddharth Pilli with one of his colleagues| Pic: Siddharth
Students from Vidyashilp Academy (Pic: Saumya Agarwal)

These Bengaluru students' 'Wall of Kindness' encourages donation of old clothes

Six students from Vidyashilp Academy are building a Wall of Kindness where you can drop old clothes 

Published On:
04 Dec 2019

To infinity and beyond: This 19-year-old from a Delhi slum is now building low-cost astronomy labs in schools

Aryan Mishra, 19, will now be building low-cost labs in schools across India under a government initiative. We find out more about his dreams and aspirations

Published On:
27 Nov 2019
Aryan Mishra with a telescope at one of their labs| Pic: Aryan
Theruvoram is a rescue organisation which works for people of all ages who live on the streets

How Murugan S Theruvoram saved the lives of more than 10,000 people living on the streets over the past 20 years

The founder of Theruvoram speaks about the 20 years he has spent taking care of people on the streets and why he is struggling to continue this noble deed

Published On:
27 Nov 2019

This retired professor from IIT-Delhi is on a mission to unite the youth against the rising hatred and intolerance in the country 

Vipin Tripathi distributes flyers and conducts workshops to spread the message of peace and harmony against the background of the Kashmir shutdown and the citizenship row in Assam

Published On:
16 Nov 2019
Professor V K Tripathi along with one of his students during workshop (Pic: Facebook)
Reshma Qureshi (Pic: Make Love Not Scars)

The Reshma Qureshi story: How this acid attack survivor went on to become an influencer

Reshma Qureshi recently presented a book written about her Being Reshma at the Bangalore Literature Festival 2019 and the challenging journey of her life moved the audience 

Published On:
15 Nov 2019

This Hubballi schoolgirl skated 400m blindfolded to get her own Guinness Record

Ojal Nalavade had been practising for months on end and finally managed to smash the previous record for skating blindfolded with a lot of ease

Published On:
14 Nov 2019
Ojal Nalavade who achieved the Guinness Record in blind skating (Pic: Hemanth D)
Pranav donated money to the Chief Minister's fund by selling paintings

How diffabled youth Pranav Balasubrahmanyam struck a hands-free deal with the CM of Kerala

Born without his hands, Pranav is a painter and a young lad whose exuberance in life can be uplifting, bowled over Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan when he met him — and went viral right after

Published On:
14 Nov 2019

Why wedding photographer Richa Kashelkar is asking grooms to get off their high horse

Richa Kashelkar shares her personal experience as a photographer and why she has decided to speak openly about animals and loud weddings

Published On:
11 Nov 2019
The post highlighted a long-overdue message about animals at weddings
The citizens gathered at the bridge at 4.30 pm

They party on the palam: How a group of citizens in kerala turned a defunct Flyover into a fun zone

The organisers of Polinja Palarivattom Palam speak about gathering people to spend an ordinary day at an abandoned bridge in Kochi

Published On:
08 Nov 2019

These two girls from Mysuru can be the next boxing champs of India all thanks to their granny. Here's why

Shabana, who wants her granddaughters to reach the heights of success, begs at traffic signals to pay for their education and training

Published On:
08 Nov 2019
Mohammed Fajrath Iyaz along with Bibi Fathima and Bibi Hajeera
Namrata and Teresa currently work in a company in Bengaluru

Why you'll totally relate to this Instagram page started by two girls with PCOS

The minds behind Two Broke Girls with PCOS, the Instagram page talk about this important condition — and how they're dealing with it and what's working and what's not

Published On:
07 Nov 2019

This cook's son won 6.4 lakh on a TV show and donated it to build a compound wall for his school!

Education Minister Suresh Kumar was so moved by rural boy's initiative to build a compound wall that he directed Zilla Panchayath officials to take up the project

Published On:
07 Nov 2019
Tejas KN at Kannadada Kotyadhipati (Pic: Google)
Varalakshmi will speak about the bus to ferry children to school (Pi: CMCA)

This Bengaluru NGO is transforming children into active citizens who solve everyday problems

On this children's day, we bring to use some of the success stories from an NGO called CMCA and how they involved children in active citizenship

Published On:
07 Nov 2019

This green warrior from Kolkata set up the city's first zero-waste store. Here's why you should visit

The store has a policy where they encourage their customers to bring their own containers and carry it with them every time they come to buy anything

Published On:
05 Nov 2019
Kolkata Zero Waste Bazaar| Pic: Lata Bhatia
Bheemakka Chavhan along with her mother and siblings at home (Pic: Bheemakka Chavhan)

Meet the Dharwad student who will soon be among India's first women military police corps

Bheemakka Chavhan, an NCC cadet, managed to clear all the tests and will soon head for her training camp 

Published On:
04 Nov 2019

This Mangaluru teacher couple has inspired many by entering  'Exclusive World Records'

Chethan created the largest paper cutting of Gandhiji and Akshatha has mimicked 40 different sounds in one minute

Published On:
01 Nov 2019
Chethan and Akshatha (Pic: The New Indian Express)
Roshni uses bilingual and graphic instructional methods to help students who speak various mother tongues

How Kerala's Project Roshni is transcending language barriers to educate migrant workers' children

We trace the growth of Ernakulam district's programme to make education inclusive for the children of migrant labourers by eliminating the barrier of language

Published On:
30 Oct 2019

After launching 1.5 lakh rockets, this ISRO alum has developed DIY rocket kits for kids

Divyanshu Poddar, Founder of Rocketeers, India’s first solid fuel-powered model rocket kit manufacturer, tells about the nuances of building rockets and how their kit is skilling students 

Published On:
24 Oct 2019
Divyanshu's rocket kit provides you an organic learning path, much like other arts and crafts where you assemble different elements
Sriramanujam T used braille scripts to read the news (Pic: Lotus News)

This visually impaired 10th grader was once a great newsreader who used Braille news prompts!

Though he is visually impaired, his exposure to the news on TV and his natural speaking ability made him a great news reader, though he had to rely entirely on Braille

Published On:
24 Oct 2019

How a Geography lesson led to rural kids in Rajasthan experiencing Kerala's coastline

The minds behind the SMILE Exchange Programme speak about how they took rural kids from Rajasthan to Kerala, having raised funds through a partner programme with a college in Malappuram

Published On:
23 Oct 2019
The students visited Kerala on October 27
Their favourite countries have been Argentina-Brazil-Chile (ABC), Israel, United States and Switzerland

After running a budget coffee shop in Kerala for 25 years, this couple has travelled to 24 countries

This couple uses the profits from their humble coffee shop in Kerala to travel the world. We check out how this 'senior-citizen' couple charted out their #TravelGoals

Published On:
16 Oct 2019

The Flying Transman: How Adam Harry went from being broke to India's first trans pilot 

Adam Harry speaks about his rough journey through embracing his identity and following his dreams

Published On:
13 Oct 2019
Adam Harry will be the country's first transman to be a commercial pilot
YLF members of NUALS (Pic: Arun Angela)

This legal collective in Kerala is helping students fight for their right legally, free of cost

Your Lawyer Friend is a legal collective run by a group of law students and lawyers. We talk to a few of its members

Published On:
09 Oct 2019

This team of health experts have designed an app to train primary health care providers to detect and screen cancer

Regi Jacob, a co-investigator for the M-Onco Ed app speaks about how it educates doctors on how to detect cancer before it is too late to treat it

Published On:
02 Oct 2019
The team of health experts have
Kembi writing the exam

This 85-year-old from a Wayanad tribal settlement just cleared Kerala's literacy test

At 85, Kembi was the oldest in her literacy class. She now wants to clear the literacy mission's class IV equivalency exam

Published On:
25 Sep 2019

You will be blown away by this Bengaluru five-year-old's insanely abstract art!

 Divya Rajasekaran is a proud mother of this child prodigy, Virat Karan. She talks about his knack for conceptual artwork and why art is such a huge part of this five-year-old's life

Published On:
25 Sep 2019
Virat Karan has exhibited his paintings in several places in Bengaluru
This month, Sifiya was conferred the Neerja Bhanot award for helping more than 300 families

Widowed at the age of 20, Sifiya Haneef is building shelters out of ruins through the power of education 

Sifiya Haneef speaks about finding the courage to make her way through adversities by believing in her own strengths

Published On:
18 Sep 2019

This Kozhikode cancer survivor secured A plus in all subjects in class X boards

She wrote her SSLC exams while undergoing four sessions of Chemotherapy each week, not bowing to the pains and physical difficulties

Published On:
16 Sep 2019
Image for representational purpose only
During the 2018 floods, the school adopted close to 150 familiesand constructed 12 homes for families in Ernakulam (Pic: Edex Live)

With the House Challenge Project, this Kerala woman built 120 houses for the homeless along with her students

We speak to Sr Lizzy Chakkalakal, the Principal of a public school who has build 120 homes for the homeless with the help of her students

Published On:
11 Sep 2019

Run for your health: Here's how the Rajagiri Marathon aims to promote the idea of a sustainable lifestyle

The Rajagiri Marathon aims to promote the idea of a healthy and sustainable life by focusing on physical fitness

Published On:
11 Sep 2019
The marathon will be organised in three categories (Pic: Edex Live)
Image for representational purpose only (Pic: Google Images)

Meet Max Waight, the 12-year-old kid who put out bins and collected money to watch the Ashes series

His father Damien Waight told him that if he could earn 1,500 Australian dollars, he would take him to the UK

Published On:
06 Sep 2019

The Swadeshi Science Movement has been on a mission to create scientific minds across India

The Swadeshi Science Movement has been working to bring Kerala closer to the importance of science and technology

Published On:
05 Sep 2019
Swasraya  Bharat will be organised and conducted in  Kochi from November 23 to 26
Image for representational purpose only (Pic: Google Images)

Teachers' Day: Now, Punjab teachers to counsel students for career and personal problems in Govt schools

The entire project is being conducted without any extra funds in collaboration with a non-profit organisation Nishan Educational Trust

Published On:
04 Sep 2019

The Chekutty Story: How a doll became a symbol of hope for Kerala's weavers after the floods

It's been a year since the birth of Chekutty dolls. We take a tour down the memory lane, finding out more about the cute little doll, made out of Chendamangalam's handloom clothes

Published On:
04 Sep 2019
You can buy the dolls through chekutty.in
Cassandra receiving the award from Ashish Rajpal, Founder, XSEED Education

This primary school teacher from Nagapattinam won a national-level teaching contest. Here's why you should be inspired

Cassandra Maria Fernandez won the XSEED Super Teacher Search, a first-of-its-kind talent discovery programme, at a glittering grand finale held in Chennai recently 

Published On:
03 Sep 2019

Move over Uber Eats, Swiggy, this 30-year-old's app 'Service Mantra' offers a lot more than just food delivery in AP

RIMS medical college student K Lakshmi Prasanna says she is using the Service Mantra services as she has to spend Rs 150 on auto-rickshaw every time she wants to go to Kadapa town

Published On:
02 Sep 2019
Image for representational purpose only | Express