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Q: I am Gokul from Madurai. I am a class twelve student and I am not able to concentrate on studies and I am also unable to remember whatever I had memorised. Please suggest some tips 

A: First of all, you need to improve your focus and concentration levels. The concept of concentration is often misunderstood. To bring more clarity into this aspect, please do understand that, in simple words, the ability to initiate and sustain focus on a task for a particular time is known as your concentration capacity.  The first basic step is to sit and make a note of all your distractions and be aware of how to tackle it. For example, if you're addicted to using your mobile while doing something important, make it a habit to not look at your phone for, let's say ten minutes to start with and later increase the time. Next important aspect is how much rest you're giving before or during your task. If you're losing focus while doing a particular task, and not able to sustain your concentration levels, you need to take rest, freshen up and then get back to it and Rock It! Regarding your memory issue, you need to break out of your laziness and practice and write. It helps.

Work Bee(p)

Delhi 28-02-2017

Q: How to get appreciation from my boss?

A: Hi, This definitely is a trick question. Getting appreciated either requires you to overperform or be loud about whatever little that you do, in the sense you should have good communication skills and people management skills that'll help spread the word about your work. If you're good at both and are still not getting recognised,  there definitely should be a gap either in communication or performance. Work that out and see if it helps!

Job Slob

chennai 28-02-2017

Q: I think Im a failure. I studied a professional graphics course. At 34, I dont have a good job like my friends

A: Comparison is not going to get you anywhere but will make you a cribber. Remember! You’re in a field which is CREATIVE. A majority of creative fields have immense opportunities to be freelancers and they earn pretty well. But it depends on how good you are at designing. If you did this JUST FOR THE HECK OF IT, it’s high time you develop an interest in it! Approach good placement consultants and search for the right opportunities. People tell me that I’m childish. I’m teased a lot and people call me a kid. What do I do? How to become mature?  People calling you immature might be because of the way you are reacting to people when they are teasing you. Another possibility might be a situation wherein some character of yours is actually making people around you perceive that you’re too kiddish, this is making them pick on you all the time. Ignore the comments that they pass and rather than trying to explain how you’re feeling which is no point... Just SMILE and say “YES! This is how I am and I ENJOY BEING LIKE THIS.” After some time you can even tell them, that YOU LOVE ALL THE ATTENTION that you’re getting when everyone is teasing you and love being popular. Also, take this up as a challenge and work towards some sort of an accomplishment with dedication and focus. The more hurt you get when you remember how you were teased, the more JOSH you should get to work towards that goal. Once you achieve, then we’ll see who teases whom. You’ll become a ROLE MODEL while they realise how they have wasted their time. You’re LIVING FOR YOURSELF, not for anyone else. As long as you’re focussed on achieving, whatever the whole world around you says shouldn’t matter.
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