Sports commentator and analyst Suhail Chandhok

There is no way without doing your homework in this field: Suhail Chandhok

So what if an injury kept him off the field? Sports analyst and commentator Suhail Chandhok took to the off-field with gusto and mastered that too

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12 hours ago

#DontHideItPeriod: These out-of-the-box pads will leave you feeling bloody good

Tho best-friends have come together to raise funds for The Better India & Akaar foundation to build a sanitary pad factory will employ local women to manufacture and distribute bio-degradable, low-co

Published On:
16 Feb 2018
Men have also expressed their solidarity for the cause, but the founders are hoping to attract more youngsters who can help bring a new change
Minhaj Arastu (right), the principal of Focus High School

Meet the principal from Hyderabad who has topped an exam for teachers

The principal of Focus High School, Minhaj Arastu, topped CENTA's TPO exam. So we talk to him about education and more

Published On:
14 Feb 2018

When Chennai students got to watch Pad Man with the original Pad Man

Arunachalam Muruganantham came to Chennai on Tuesday and watched the film he inspired with a theatre full of school students

Published On:
13 Feb 2018
The minute Muruganantham entered SPI Cinemas, he was flooded with people young and old — everyone wanted a selfie with him | Pics: Ashwin Prasath
Ron has travelled to places devoid of bustling tourists and come across musicians and places that will take your breath away

How 23-year-old Ron Bezbaruah is 'uncrumpling' India's greatest indie musicians for you and me

​The Wilson College alum has documented some amazing musicians as part of The Uncrumple Sessions, despite doing a whole lot more every single day

Published On:
12 Feb 2018

These Engineering students in Chennai clean sewer, paint social messages on walls in Ambattur

Students from St Peter's Engineering College, Avadi, are getting down and dirty as they clear trash and tree waste from the sewer tunnel that runs along the Ambattur Estate bus terminus

Published On:
09 Feb 2018
The wall has been under works since Tuesday and the entire project is hoped to conclude by Saturday | Maria Kuruvilla
Located in Bengaluru, the foundation's incubator, N/Core, empowers NGOs and their Gurukul teaches life skills to underprivileged youth in a 90-day residential programme

From Google to non-profit: How Atul Satija is building a bright future for Bengaluru's youth   

The/Nudge Foundation,  is a one-a-kind non-profit that aims to empower youngsters through their Gurukul and NGO incubator. Atul Satija, the founder elaborates on their unique working model

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02 Feb 2018

Pune-based foodie and avid Instagrammer Natasha Diddee is now an author too

The gutless foodie is taking over Instagram with the most aesthetic pictures of the food she cooks and now, she's cooking up a storm with her words too

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01 Feb 2018
Natasha Diddee sure has an appetite for life
Alex performs as his alter ego Mayamma who has a story of her own

Gender bender: Alex Mathew and the 'Maya' behind conquering the world of drag

Drag queen Alex Mathew speaks out about finding himself in a world opposed to gender fluidity

Published On:
31 Jan 2018

This Kerala startup's robot 'Bandicoot' is all set to end manual scanvenging

Started in 2015 by a couple of tech enthusiast, GenRobotics has unvieled Bandicoot- a semi-automatic robot that is all set to prevent deaths  in deep manholes

Published On:
29 Jan 2018
In January 2018, after a lot of trial-and-error, Bandicoot — a semi-automatic robot — was unveiled to the world and it was the much-needed solution that the Kerala government was looking for
AISECT has been chosen by the Odisha government as a project implementation agency

Skilling them early: How AISECT is ensuring job readiness for students across India

For a student, learning beyond the textbook is important for a well-rounded education. Akshaya Asokan finds out how AISECT, a skilling agency is providing this for the students of Odisha 

Published On:
23 Jan 2018

Scientist Gokul Swaminathan shows how service and science can go hand in hand

After Gokul Swaminathan became a scientist, he decided that he wanted to give back to society and help them achieve their dreams too

Published On:
23 Jan 2018
Gokul Swaminathan is a scientist
Ahuja has sold off seven properties in the past few years | Facebook

Baba's langer: This 83-year-old cancer victim sold his assets to feed the poor

Remembering hard times from his childhood, Ahuja started langar service in Chandigarh and adjoining areas way back in 1981, which now attracts hundreds of patients and their attendants in north India

Published On:
15 Jan 2018

This Delhi-based 'Rasta' school is showing Muslim girls the path to education

Rasta's teachers went from door to door convincing parents to send their daughters to the school and then charged only Rs 40 a month and provided free books and uniforms

Published On:
13 Jan 2018
From a modest beginning, the school now boasts of around 600 students where 70% are Muslims | IANS
Rani may not look like the 17-year-old in the passport-size photograph anymore, but she isn't a scarred 25-year-old either

From a 17-year-old acid attack victim to a 25-year-old survivor: Here's Rani's journey  

Just a vial of it was all it took to change her life and turn her world upside down. And the bearer of it? A soldier. A man in uniform who took an oath of ‘Service Before Self’. What irony! 

Published On:
13 Jan 2018

Acid attack survivors hit the ramp at a fashion school in Noida

The main aim of the event and IMS-DIA and Surkhab was to instil in the survivors feelings of beauty, pride and confidence

Published On:
13 Jan 2018
The models wore a range of creativce and artsy designs from crop tops to lehengas and Kurtas. Pictured: A survivor with a model
Anshu and Farah had to come to Chennai to get their eyes operated at Sankara Nethralaya

Acid attack survivors from all over the country come to Chennai. Here's why!

Most of the acid attack survivors in the country have got their eye surgery done in Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai

Published On:
13 Jan 2018

Niraj Gera is giving a transformation to acid attack survivors through his photographs

Niraj Gera's photographs perfectly portrays the pain of an acid attack survivor and the dreams that the liquid burns

Published On:
13 Jan 2018
Niraj with acid attack survivor Rupa
Anmol calls herself the ‘happiest girl on Earth’

Shamed for having a burned face once, 23-year-old Anmol now rehabilitates acid attack survivors

Instagrammer Anmol Rogriguez who also runs an NGO Acid attack survivors saahas talks about how despite being attacked by acid and abandoned as toddler, she has a positive outlook towards life

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13 Jan 2018

Kashmir pellet gun survivor Insha Mushtaq clears 10th board: Here's the man who helped her get there

It is a big day in the valley — the face of 2016 pellet gun victim Insha Mushtaq passed 10th board and her mentors don't know how to control the excitement

Published On:
10 Jan 2018
Muzzafar Bhat used to cover the three-hour long distance between Ananthanath and Shopion to reach her home twice a week
Image for representational purpose only | Express Photo

Pre-school be so mainstream: All you need to know about mom-toddler classes  

Since the child gets to meet a lot of children of similar age groups, it is said that they find it easier to cope up better with the school and get away with the initial shyness

Published On:
08 Jan 2018

Green hero: This young innovator makes starch-based bio bags that don't harm the planet 

This young innovator has come up with a novel solution to replace plastic bags with biodegradable bags made out of wastes of maize, vegetables and paper

Published On:
04 Jan 2018
These bio bags once disposed off, degrade in three-months  time
Agarwalla and his father with the CM of AP, Chandrababu Naidu, at the AP AgTech Summit 2017

Kisan Network is putting the power of purchase back in the hands of the farmer

Princeton dropout, AP AgTech winner, featured in the Forbes 30 under 30 list — all these are pale in comparison to Aditya Agarwalla's mission, which is to help farmers get their due in our country

Published On:
04 Jan 2018

Check it out: You wouldn't want to miss Namma Ooru Boy Band's latest song 

Just a week after its release, Pakkamaaga became super popular, thanks to music lovers. Josh Vivian from Namma Ooru Boy Band tells us about his recent single 

Published On:
03 Jan 2018
NOBB has over 13,000 YouTube subscribers
Mini owns and rides a Royal Enfield Bullet 350

Meet Kerala's Mini Augustine, the oldest woman to 'bullet' up the Himalayas in a Classic 500

Nothing seems to get in Mini Augustine's way as she gushes about her motorcycle journey to the Himalayas and her love for her Royal Enfield Classic 500

Published On:
03 Jan 2018

This software engineer became a beekeeper to save the human race. True story! 

Pune-born Amit Godse, who quit his job to conserve bees in Maharashtra, tells us about his Bee basket initiative

Published On:
03 Jan 2018
Amit Godse's project has been selected by Sandeep Maheshwari’s top innovative projects among other thousands of applicants
Divyaa with her students

This lady from B'luru runs a mobile school that teaches shlokas to Gen Y

Gurukulam, the Shloka learning centre teaches Shlokas to children, helping them lead a peaceful and happier life

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03 Jan 2018

Madrasile Mon: How Reny George put his murderous past behind him to help ex-cons get a life

Ex-convict Reny George served his term in prison and has now made it his life's mission to rehabilitate other prisoners and their families — through the Prison Fellowships India programme

Published On:
02 Jan 2018
Reny George has helped rehabilitate more than 500 prisoners
It is a widely accepted belief that women cannot and will not react. We ask you to break that thought (representational image) | AfterEllen

It is NOT okay to click photos without permission. These women say ENOUGH is ENOUGH

These women tell you it is high time to take charge — Public shaming, asking for help and police intervention have proven to be good measures to discourage such acts

Published On:
01 Jan 2018

Your photo or video could be up on a porn site. Here's how you can remove it

Approaching the police is an option but the process is often slow but the internet has facilities to help you do it yourself

Published On:
30 Dec 2017
Google has a step-by-step method to help curb such action
Raising an alarm often comes with either judgment or inaction, a main reason why women usually let these brushes off light | Picture: Shiba Sahu | Photos for representation only

Did that creep just photograph you on the bus? Here is how you can deal with him

50 per cent of women often prefer slithering back into the shadows than confronting the medium fearing stigma and judgement

Published On:
30 Dec 2017

Volunteers of this NGO became Santas for underprivileged children this Christmas 

Let's Spread Love started by an XIMB student now helps the underprivileged in six cities

Published On:
27 Dec 2017
Santa with a child from Home of Hope
Students benefitting from ILP

India Literacy Project's mobile libraries are helping over 1,000 govt school kids. Here's how

While speaking about the progress of India Literacy Project’s Hyderabad Chapter, its founder offers a lot of insight into CSR and funding  

Published On:
26 Dec 2017

Karthik Naralasetty wants to solve world's blood crisis with an app and social media  

Karthik Naralasetty from Guntur started Socialblood to ensure that people who needed blood would never be left in the cold. The changemaker talks about his app and how he got Facebook to like it  

Published On:
26 Dec 2017
Karthik Naralasetty from Guntur started Socialblood with the mission to solve the blood crisis of the world
Sindhoori Somayajula's art posted on her Facebook page CanvasSutra

CanvasSutra, a 22-year-old's brainchild to create art and help dogs 

A lot of persuasion and thought later, Somyajula put up her art on Facebook and has been on a roll ever since, taking requests for designs on paper or canvas  

Published On:
22 Dec 2017

Banker, cricketer and chess-wiz, Cerebral Palsy no dampener for this 32-year-old

A chess wizard, an M Phil graduate, an entrepreneur and activist — there's no barrier too big for Karthik Chandrasekar

Published On:
21 Dec 2017
Karthik Chandrasekaran has made it his responsibility to fight for the basic rights of the disabled
Chethan's work has also been recognised by Ashoka’s Youth Venture programme

With 24X7 helpline, this B'luru boy will make sure that you get a blood donor within an hour 

People who are willing to become blood donors register with the organisation and are contacted whenever there is a request for a particular blood group

Published On:
21 Dec 2017

This 16-year-old from Hosur invented a device that can detect silent heart attacks 

The Hosur boy is the recipient of the President’s Award for his astounding research to predict silent heart attacks that could potentially save many lives

Published On:
20 Dec 2017
Akash was awarded the Rashtrapati Navapravarthan Puraskar from the former president, Pranab Mukherjee
Helping someone you don't know, has psychologically proven to create more empathy and compassion especially during teenage | Youtube

Stranger things: Teens who help unknown people have greater esteem than peers, says study

The study also says helping family and friends may not have the same effect as helping total strangers, which forces teens out of their shell and triggers new feelings

Published On:
19 Dec 2017

How this school for autistic kids in Madurai is 'training' them in temples and theatres

OLR Special School's mover and founder Mary Bhuvana Rani, tells us about how her school for autistic children is all about giving them everyday experiences and helping them deal with it better

Published On:
17 Dec 2017
Mary Bhuvana Rani has 20 years of experience in this field. She initially worked in the deaf and dumb school for 12 years